Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a modern spin on healthcare, bringing medicine back to its roots.  Our patients pay an affordable monthly fee for unlimited, high quality care with their provider.  This model allows for more time, better access and lower costs.  The patient pays a flat fee for the majority of their care along with discounted medications, imaging and laboratory studies.  

At Walnut Grove, we want to take the headache out of healthcare.  Our costs are transparent, your care is detailed and personable.  You should not have to compromise care or pay the costly and unknown expenses that insurance won't cover.  Let us help you achieve your healthcare goals while we also improve the cost of care. 

primary Care



Primary care

Walnut Grove provides full spectrum family medicine services from wellness physicals, chronic medical issues (i.e. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ect), pediatric care, women's health, immunizations, labs/imaging, simple dermatology issues and procedures.  We provide all this and more for the same monthly, fixed cost.  

Non-surgical orthopedics

Dr. Tierney is fellowship trained in Primary Care Sports Medicine which allows for extensive, thorough care in majority of non-surgical orthopedic care.  This includes sports injuries, concussion management, non-surgical fracture care, chronic injuries, tendinitis, and injury prevention.  Dr. Tierney enjoys keeping you active, whether it is on the football field or running your first 5k.  These services are covered in your membership.


Licensed in Medical Acupuncture, Dr. Tierney treats several issues with acupuncture, including chronic pain, osteoarthritis, chronic back pain, neck pain, acute injuries, and headaches to name a few.  Acupuncture is typically used in conjunction with other modalities, including home exercise program, injury prevention and when appropriate medications.  Acupuncture is an added service with reduced cost to members.